sábado, 10 de enero de 2009


My best friend and Visual Artist Cristina Minacori literally pushed me at the end of 2007 to participate in two Mail Art Calls: one from Greece and another one from Malaysia. I was in the USA at that time and she e-mail me until I did two works and I sent them...
Seven months later, I saw the Mail Art Call from Joan Desmond, and I thought: This is so cool! I have to do this!!!
Since then, I couldn´t stop. Perhaps, the visit to Rick Daddario´s Studio was the biggest influence of all! You have to see his stamps!!
... and now I am into Mail Art because it makes me happy...
I dont know!
Is a healty addiction, a way to travel all over the world and know people that other wise I could never ever had the chance to meet...I feel really ignorant that I didnt know about the existence of Mail Art before...
Maybe because I wasnt ready to enjoy it the way I do it now!